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In Their Own Words:
Sanctuary Cities Welcome Immigrants!

So you know: Sanctuary Cities welcome you!

Where Diversity Comes First

San Francisco

"We are a sanctuary city, now, tomorrow and forever." -

San Francisco proudly became a Sanctuary City in 1989. Take a look!


"Partnering with ICE would go against our mission to make Chicago the most immigrant friendly city in the country and turn ours into a community of fear for immigrants." - from

New York City

Even though New York City became a sanctuary city in 1989, NYC City council affirmed in 2016: "New York City will remain a Sanctuary City for immigrant residents."


And again in 2022, from the chair of the committee on immigration: "we are ready and equipped to deliver a sanctuary city to these asylum seekers." 

In New York, immigrants are the top priority!

In New York, the sanctuary spirit is so strong that public schools are converted into communal spaces for you (kids do Zoom class instead).

Don’t worry if a few fringe bigot parents complain: the New York Times holds them accountable.

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